RPG: A Pillow Tale’s Update!

 Twipillow’s sprites have been finished! Now onto the rest of the mane six, and finally, I’ll need to figure out how to refurbish Sombitch, Fluttershit and Maria’s sprites.

Still need to figure out how to edit these maps around…

Also, please bare in mind everybody that this is mainly a for-fun side project of mine. It is not my top priority, so please do be patient with my responses - including when regarding voice acting! ^^;

Anonymous asked:

When are the voice acting auditions going to end? When will you be sending out who got what parts?

Soon after announcing the auditions, I realized I hadn’t specified this but I guess I never got around to explaining it, whoops!

The auditions will end on two conditions: Either whenever I have gotten at least one audition for each character, OR, whenever the time comes that I far enough in the game’s development that I feel it’s been a long enough time for people to audition.

As for when I will pick people - probably not very long after whenever it is that I close the auditions.

I imagine it’ll be a little while before I close auditions, basically, but they will end sooner than later. Should I not get enough people, I have a brother and sister who have repeatedly let me know that if they need voice actors that they’re very willing, anddd I’ve tried my hand at acting a few times too so we’ll see.